My Unlucky Vespa

This post absolutely tells about how to make an achievement, you have to definitely no doubt, have scars. Period.

This is my Vespa, my father bought “her” — I called it as a girl because my ex has named it “Candy”, so it pretty obvious that it is a girl, I think — like two and a half years ago, when I just had entranced to my college life as a gift for succeeded pass those entire school life with style.

I loved her, so much. She has accompanied me those two more years. This shiny-greeny creature was my totem, my absolute things to brag with my friends.

But that’s it, she has scars now. Emm.. a pretty critical ugly scars, because two accident lately, or more? — its okay I’m fine.

But it had made me thinking lately, that maybe those scars were just not only scars. It was her trophy, to show people how experienced she was.

I think life goes that way also, your scars show your experience, your achievement in life.

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” ― Truman Capote

Let we think this way, scars at my Vespa were because two major accident while I’m going to my campus. First, because that slippery road and I didn’t properly hit both brakes (rear and front brake), and at that declined road, traction was not balanced each other (Physics does everything guys) and made me fall in a swirling path. Second, because I avoided an old woman for jaywalking along the street and so, fall.

But you know? At least those scars showed people what I should take to just go to college, that achievements bro. Also, she, my Vespa, has gone along the way for 13.500 km these two years. For effective months we assume 25 months now, she has run for 540 km for each month! Pretty far distances for a small scooter. It achievement!

“Life is either daring adventure, or nothing at all” — Helen Keller

For another example, we’ll be approach some scientific stuff. For you that routinely hit the gym, you guys will feel discomfort pain in your muscles after you have a good workout right? Actually your muscles have experienced microscopic scars because you have trained them hard, and because so, inflammatory cells had to repair those scars, so you feel pain. And those cycle of broken and repair in your muscles, make your muscles bigger and stronger.

Thanks for TED-Ed for make this thing easily understandable, you should check this video also.

So that’s it, from those two examples, we can conclude that you have to make scars, to make achievements. It is the missing link between people who wants to just walk in a good and smooth way, and get an effective achievement, they said. They forgot they had to make scars.

So how to make scars? TRY.

No other way to make a good and memorable scars than trying. This is the next ultimate key for getting achievements. TRY.

So we could make this simple. TRY >> SCAR >> ACHIEVEMENT.

By the way, I have this good video for you that tells how trying is the most important part for pursuing happiness and success. This guy is so cool, Casey Neistat, one of my favourite youtuber, you should check his channel for further. Definitely I should write about him later.

“Don’t give a f*ck what people think. Just go.” — Casey Neistat

I definitely a safe person, why I’ve got to trying when finally it just come to a failure?

That question was the most frequent excuses for not trying. So I think I have a good solution for you.

Have you heard about Pareto Principle? It is a principle that you just have to give your 20% effort or time, to make 80% results. For more brief explanation check this out,

And to make it simple, we have this graph,

You can look from this graph, that when you give, for example, a second try, you have 80% closer to your goal! Absolutely this graph may vary for each condition.

But for certain, you just have to try! Just start trying! Look when you have started and got your first failure, from the graph, you have 72% closer to your goal! Imagine how Edison failed almost 1000 times for inventing bulbs in our houses. From the graph again, it was asymptotically closer to 100%, and it was why Mr Edison would be remembered along the history of human race.

“One who makes no mistake, makes nothing at all” — Giacomo Casanova

So that’s it, life is full with discomfort experience, full with scars and disrespect. You feel life somehow always has a way to knocked you down, to make you small and crush. But that was how it goes right? Life is not fair, always.

It is our way to embrace the scars as an evident of our self-achievements, that’s what the difference between success and mediocre people.

Keep going, guys! And feel how you so fulfilled and experienced when you looked back for those hard experiences that made those scars.

You still play safe now? Don’t have a good scar? TRY!!! THIS IS THE ONLY WAY! And that time is now!

Finally, a quote that said every scar has their own story, I think that the mediocre one.

But I choose this quote instead, every scar has their own achievement.

Keep try keep getting scars, and keep cool guys.

“Above all, try something” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Yehezkiel David Pradhipta.

A sponge for life experience. Vespa-lover. Writer wanna be. Your future geothermal engineer.

Bandung, Indonesia, November 2015.