Cairo Vapors — Beginners Guide

Yalla throw away your pack of cigarettes and step into the vape world, you won’t regret it!

Hello fellow Cairo Vapors. This guide is intended for those of you who want to quit smoking and willing to throw away your pack of cigarettes — betoo3 el shisha this guide is not for you 7'ales. To date, I was lucky enough to convert 11 cigarette smokers to become vapors. I get asked the same questions from my relatives, friends, and acquaintances the minute they are conviced to switch from smoking to vaping, so I decided to write this guide. If you are still worried whether vaping is better/safer than smoking, you can jump to the end of this page and check the articles and research papers that prove with no doubt that vaping is as safe as air. Ay wallahy zamba2ollak keda!

New to Vaping!! What should you buy??

There are 4 essentials to vaping, rakkez m3aya, so let’s take them one by one and explain the different terminologies that surfaced recently in the vaping universe.

1. e-Liquid / e-Juice

This is like the tobacco in a cigarette. I strongly recommend to buy the imported (premium) e-juice like VaporFi, Beard, Naked, Hof, ElGreco, and Kik). I have not tried any of the e-juice made in Egypt, we bsara7a keda mesh nawy, ana asef! The premium ones are available in Egypt (Cairo and some mo7afzat), in Cairo there are vape stores in Mohandessin, Nasr City, Mokattam, and Tagamo3. There are several other e-juice brands and endless choices when it comes to the flavor, but remember you need to choose the nicotine doze (0mg, 3mg, 6mg). Don’t get the 12mg or the 24mg as this is too much nicotine your body can’t handle. The nicotine doze in a cigarette is different from vaping, a totally different formula BUT as a benchmark if you used to smoke a Marlboro light or a Blue Merit 4mg then start with the 6mg e-juice. You can reduce the nicotine by time to 3mg (or even zero if you wish). The price of a 30ml bottle of e-juice ranges between EGP 200 to 350 depending on the brand. A 60ml will be a little less than double the price. Roughly, if a person used to smoke one pack of cigarette PER DAY needs a 30ml bottle of e-juice PER WEEK +/- but it surely varies from one person to another. It’s common that you’ll consume more at the begining then by time your consumption will go down.

2. The Tank

This is the compartment where you fill it with the e-juice. There are dozens of alternatives but ONLY one tank that can give you the exact same feeling like smoking a cigarette (nafas el cigara) the marvelous Aspire Nautilus. You can buy it from the vape stores in Cairo and some mo7afazat. There are two sizes, a 2ml (Nautilus Mini) and a 5ml, it all depends on your consumption per day and which one is available in the market when you decide to go and buy your kit. Don’t confuse it with another tank called NautilusX this is a completely different one which I do not recommend at all. The price of the tank is around EGP 500. You can also get some nice looking sleeves to replace the pyrex glass, but these are sold seperately. Don’t forget you need to wash your tank regularly.

3. The Coil

This comes with the tank and basically its job is to turn the e-juice into vapor. It’s unique for every tank, some coils are ready made (buy on shelf) and some others are hand made (people build them manually). The good news is that the Aspire Nautilus coils are ready made so you don’t have to bother yourself with the building process that can be complicated for some people, like me. When you buy the tank, it already comes with one inside and a spare one. Usually the coils need to be replaced every 3–5 weeks depending on your consumption, the sign that you need to change it is when you get a burn taste. The price of one sheet of 5 coils is around EGP 275. You can buy them from the vape store from which you got your tank.

4. The Mod

This the battery, which ignites the coil to transform the e-juice into vapor. My favorite in terms of size, power, and usability is the iStick Pico (buy the mod only i.e. without a tank). Check out this video review by Onz. The price is around EGP 1,000 plus EGP 175 for the battery. There is a huge variety when it comes to the mod, it really won’t matter which one you get as long as it’s an authentic brand and has a screen and buttons to adjust the vape heat. Just stay away from the pens and the ones with no screen. With the Aspire Nautilus tank (explained above) you need to fire between 8Watt and 13Watt. Remember this Watt range cause anything beyond 13Watt will end up burning your coil and you’ll need to install a new coil. I personally vape at 8Watt.

IMPORTANT: Each of the tank, coil, and mod has an authentication code on its package, BE SURE to scratch the code and check it on the website of the manufacturer when you are buying it. Don’t leave the store and check later, DO IT before paying. There are many clones out there and even your vape store might be fooled.

New to Vaping!! Articles & Research

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Happy Vaping 💨💨💨