Yehiel Certner
May 17, 2016 · 2 min read

Gamification, a buzz word that can mean different things to different people, in a nutshell its taking game designs and game elements and using them in “real world” applications to add more engagement, loyalty, interest and fun.

“Games have begun to influence our everyday. They affect everything from how we vacation to how we train for marathons, learn English and manage our finances. What we once called play at the periphery of our lives is quickly becoming the way we interact. Games are the future of work, fun is the new “responsible,” and the movement that is leading the way is gamification.” GAMIFICATION BY DESIGN v1.0

Gamification has been successfully implement in various fields such as education, business and advertisement. it can advance and engage in new mobile apps and software, and help training and learning new skills and processes, so its only natural that it will start to find its way to enterprise uses as well.

I've gather here 10 of the best Gamification links from past “ inspiration of the day” for you to brush up on the subject and re inspire you on your next project.

  1. The best gamification course on the web — free on coursera

2. A great resource for all things gamification

3. The Fun theory

4. Sight!

5. When game invades real life

6. Gaming can make a better world

7. Gameful — gamification for change community

8. Five Steps to Enterprise Gamification

9. 6 Inspiring Examples of Gamification

10. Top 10 Enterprise Gamification Cases

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