Yehiel Certner
Feb 29, 2016 · 2 min read


For more than 2 years now I have been sending ‘Inspirations of the day’, combing the net every night, filtering sites,emails,youtubes and newsletters, always looking for the next great link, the best sources of inspiration.

Over time I managed to accumulate many sources of inspirations from various interesting topics, such as cinema, art, technology and of course, design. I always find it useful to return to those previous links, brushing up my knowledge, getting inspired once more.

So for the launch of our new UX studio site I’ve selected the links i found the most useful in UX/UI from the past years

I would like to send a big thank you for all the warm Compliments and great contributions to the inspiration list, they are a source of encouragement.

So I give you the 15 best inspirations that made it to the list from the top UX/UI sources i have found on the web .

1. 7 UXperts Share Most Annoying Usability Mistakes

2. The wicked craft of enterprise UX

3. The illusion of time

4. The Next Step for 3D Touch

  1. 5. The shape of materials to come

6. The Power of a Story to Build a Product

7. Functional Animation in UX Design

8. Mastering UI Patterns for Smarter Design

9. Don’t just copy/paste

10. 2 Important Photoshop history tips for designers!

11. Get Animation Inspirations

  1. 12. A collection of beautiful colors

13. Learn User Onboarding from how popular web apps do it

14. 6 Web Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

15. Making the User Trust Your UI


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