What is the working mechanism of stock markets? Yehuda Belsky

Does the thought of investing in stock market scare you?

Are you planning to invest in stocks but don’t know the mathematics behind it?

Let’s have a brief discussion about it!

Stock exchange doesn’t own shares; instead, acts as a market where stock sellers and stock buyers are connected. Stock can be traded on one or more of several possible exchanges like — New York Stock Exchange. It is important to understand the relationship between exchanges and companies, and also the requirements of different exchanges protect investors.

If you buy a stock, it means you are buying a piece of that company. A company issues shares when it needs money. It is done through Initial Public Offering, where the price of shares is based on the estimated worth of the company, and the number of shares issued by the company. The company keeps the money raised to grow its business, and the stocks or shares trade on exchange continuously.

By understanding a little more about the stock market, and how it works — you’ll find more valuable benefits of it and know how viable it is for investment. Yehuda Belsky is a successful trader and an expert on the stock market. He has been in this business for years and nowadays sharing his pearls of wisdom to the young people, who are willing to invest in stock markets.

What regulates stock price?

The stock price is independent of actual company’s success; price changes reflect supply and demand, so when a stock becomes desirable — the prices go up for any reason like — success of the company or a strong industry sector. The other spectrum to it could be the value investors, who specialize in finding unpopular stocks in forgotten industry, which not only have strong earnings but also a solid future. Buying the company is the best they can do and wait for the price to go up.

How do the stock markets work?

Stock markets are for the companies, who raise money and grow their businesses. They can choose taking debt too but then they had to pay a large amount of interest. Paying a large amount of money on debt is not going to be a good deal for their business. So, they choose to give some shares of the company to the strangers in the stock exchange; the people who buy the shares become part-time owners.

Strategies to buy stocks

Price is the single most important factor to trade or invest successfully in a stock market. Let’s take an example — A stock is trading in the thirties and you want to decline it at $30, as according to the analysis done by you, a huge number of unfilled orders are left at that level. You might be waiting for the price to be dropped below $30 and return to that level and buy. If the price rises continuously, then you are gaining in the market, and this is how the market works.

The bottom line is…

Stocks are issued to raise cash by the companies, and then the stock continues to trade. Over the years stocks have risen, which makes it an attractive investment. There are many additional perks like — profit potential, dividends, and voting rights. Share prices fall too, and investors typically chose to invest in the wide array of stocks, which risks a small percentage of their capital on each. Shares can be bought or sold anytime, which assumes that there is enough volume to complete the transaction, making the investors can cut losses or take profits.

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