for yein.

i think it’s too mainstream to begin something like this with a blast to the past but i’ll do it anyway. at first i only liked you as a friend but somehow i started liking you more and more until i realized i really want to kiss you whenever you say something cute or hug you in a non-platonic way bye i don’t know what i’m saying. it just happened, i guess.

you’re so lame sometimes it’s almost unbelievable. you never fail to make me laugh everyday whether it’s the kind of laugh where you were being legit funny or it’s the kind of laugh that makes my heart happy.

i’m glad you love animals as much as i do. i lost interest in a lot of animated movies for quite a while now but i never knew it’d be so fun to watch it with you. maybe i could even watch zootopia multiple times with you and i’d never get bored of it. i’ll never forget that day you told me what we should watch paddington. you’re such a kid smh, a hella cute kid. i imagined that we were gonna watch the cartoon together and it made me laugh but when i learned that there was a movie, i thought it was still awfully cute because it’s you.
PS. i’m that deer stuffed animal that you’re holding!

that’s so you when you’re fighting me but to be honest, when are you not? we bicker all day long everyday but we’ve both gotten much softer lately especially during ungodly hours. you’re still the cutest to me even when you fight me or make fun of me, and also the most adorable and the most beautiful too. if the time comes that we stop bickering one day, i won’t ever get tired of you. i can’t even imagine what a day without you would feel like and i don’t ever want to know how that would feel. you’re clingy but it’s fine because i’m just as clingy too. a heartbeat is enough to make me miss you. i miss you all the time even if you’re just right there. i’m so obsessed with you bye i’m shameless. just your presence is enough to make me happy, i honestly can’t get enough of you. i want your attention and affection all the time. i never want to be apart from you, like what you said before, i can be apart from you but i don’t want to be.

even if your barely existent chest remains a washboard forever, even if your hair turns gray or even if you become fat from all the sighs that you eat, i’ll still love you the same!!

yein, i love love love you. out of all people, i want to be loved and wanted by you only. i like doing anything and everything with you, and i want to be with you too for a very long time. can i delete myself bye i’m just kidding but if you don’t have any plans of ditching me after you’ve read all of this, jfc i love you yein please be officially mine.

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