Ode to the humanoids

Dedicated to Swee desires that lay masked…

Engulfed by the monstrous tech of everyday
Forget we, the emotions of everyone

Relying on emoticons to pretend to emote

Hiding our basest , displaying fakery

Projecting a falsehood for sake of pride

Joy & rejoice have become vulgar

Terms of use comes even with paupers

Entwined enlarged with egregious altruism

Gone be gone!

Humanoids of the future

Travel me back to the time of humans

Give me the pain that made me smile

Cry and wither like a dusty rag

Into nothingness holding onto the memoirs

Denail in detail preventing growth

Ageing has become a negatory

Maturing surreal

Give us the pastitutde

Where souls moved

Not zombies with text neck

Obsessed with malifluos intent

Prying onto the kin

Jealously brimmed

Material desires

Blindst thou humaneity

Hug me hard
Break my heart

Leave stranded

In a lonesome path

Crack my space safe

Comforts or not for wont

Instead with non-verbal ignore

Curse me thousands
I’ll sleep at ease

That you canst speak

As I do write

For expressing

Not for sake

Neither pleasure

Poring out is whats to happen

When all ills pounce

In a modern attire

Robbing us from us

Setting in

To the modern

Po mo cultural

Masked illusiory

Pretence of a norm

Break it a million

Be true for milli second(s)

Of yors

So that I can ease

For a night

Sleep all might

Filled hearts that comforts

Rather than stimulants

That poisons

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