4 Step Guide to your Life Purpose — Ikigai


Have you discovered your IKIGAI, yet? Well what are you waiting for? It is not too late!

I bet you are wondering what Ikigai is. It’s is never too late to begin living on purpose.This article will answer that question and perhaps help you find the answer to that age old question-Why do I exist? Did you know that finding your Ikigai not only improves your total wellness, but also extends your life and can increase one’s income? Money, money, money-money.

Who wouldn’t want a prosperous longevity?

Ikigai comes from the Japanese words iki-meaning life/alive and kai-meaning worth or value. In essence it translates as the meaning of life and is the impetus for waking up each day. It is unique to everyone and its meaning changes from person to person. Basically, the Japanese believe that in order to find your ikigai, you must search from within to understand it. Are you with me or better yet, are you with you?

Ikigai — Lİfe Purpose — Reason for Being

When you look at the image above, you might notice that it is very clear and easy to understand. There are 4 Dimentions to your Ikigai:

  1. What do you love?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. What does the World need?
  4. What do you get paid for?

Yet it takes a deeper “search of self” to get to the core and the main question is about LOVE. “What do you love? What are you in love with? What makes your heart tick? What are you passionate about?”

If the answer comes easily, that’s good. If not, let’s keep searching.

The second question: What does the World really need right now? When you consider the primary needs of the world you live in right now, what would be your talent that you can use to make the world a better place? What is the purpose of your being? What have you been created to do? How can you achieve that mission?

I am sure that you have heard this phrase before:

“Everyone has their own mission in life; a piece that’s a part of a bigger puzzle.” Yes! That’s right and IKIGAI will help elucidate! It is a place which holds the secret of “who you really are” and “what your mission is”.

Love. Passion. Contribution

The third question: What are your talents, the things you do best in life? Do you think that you truly analysed yourself? I mean, really! Why do you think people are attracted to you, call you back, remain your friend, work with you, and feel blessed staying in your eco-system? Why is that? Is that because you’re creative? Or that you have self-integrity? Or a keen sense of justice?

The last question is quite possibly the easiest to answer: What is your profession? What do you get paid for? What do others value about you? You earn money by doing your job. You are simply putting in the hours and getting paid for it. Some of us just go through the motions. But truly — What is the real reason that people pay you? Do they pay you only because of your high qualifications and your talents, or could there be another reason?

Honestly, it’s not very easy to answer these questions and it takes time to dig within but it is worth it! Here’s further information on the ancient wisdom: The roots of the IKIGAI philosophy go back to ancient times and have already proven their success. The geographical region, which IKIGAI was born has a really interesting culture and people when you research its history. IKIGAI people ate less food and also created new nutrition habits. (We call it “life style” these days). For instance, when they ate, their plates were smaller than a normal plate. Think of it as the ultimate portion control. The most interesting part is that these people had a longer life expectancy. These ancient people who practiced IKIGAI lived to be a hundred.

Have you heard about the latest scientific research which suggests people who eat less food live longer than others? Yeah! True, you can check it. Natives of Okinawa Island, who were the designers of the IKIGAI philosophy, never had any scientific data or research to choose IKIGAI as a life style! So, what secret and wisdom did they discover? National Geographic Fellow and New York Times bestselling author Dan Buettner is sharing information and facts on longevity & Ikiagi at his TedX Talk.

Ok, Let’s make you come closer to your own IKIGAI right know. What do you say? Let me start asking more questions first.

Whatever your profession, your job is… Do you feel passionate and excited about the job? (Or do you do it for the money, only?) Maybe it’s true that you are passionate about it. Cool! Congratulations!

Then, have you ever asked this question to yourself “What is the world’s message for you?” Are you trying to hear it? It’s trying to reach your heart. No?

Most people do think about their life mission, at least once in their lives. The problem is that we generally think about it during our tough times. Why don’t we ask the same question when we’re happy? Do you think that you have found it? Have you found your mission and already completed it? How do you feel when you got up in the morning?

Questions are power, but knowledge is more powerful. Questioning helps you to focus on the beautiful parts of life- and live them. Furthermore, they assist you in finding your natural talents which life has given you. These talents are innate. The question in Ikigai is: How will you pay back or let these talents find their way to come to being through you?

Tony Robbins, a recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations and organizational turnaround, he helps millions of people to connect with their “core purpose” at his famous ‘Date with Destiny’ event. There’s a cool documentary on Netflix about this 6 day life-changing event, if you wish to keep on searching for deeper.

Ok… This quest has started to turn into a hot topic, because you are getting closer to your IKIGAI now! (I am not telling about the general IKIGAI, I am talking about your own IKIGAI!)

When you find answers to these questions all at once, you will face your IKIGAI. Your life mission is right there, waiting for you. If you couldn’t answer even one of them, then you are far from it.

Not only are you far from your life mission, but also far from a happy, joyous life. Don’t fret. All of these can be transformed with only one simple decision: “Stop blaming others and take full responsibility of your life. Connect with the power within!”

Now is the time to take action. There is no better time than the present. We wake up each morning and make a conscience decision as to how our day, week, month, year, or life will proceed. Now try to align these conscience decisions with meaningful actions that will fulfil your purpose and perhaps lead you closer to that revelation that is-your IKIGAI!

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side.

With love,