Dear Maine people embarrassed by Governor’s Paul LePage’s racism

I’ve seen a lot of eye rolling, oh-dear-he’s-said-it-again social media posts over @Governor_LePage’s racist words & thoughts.

I’ve seen it from people who should know better, who I respect & look up to to do the right thing.

The eye rolling, tongue clucking is followed by sharing things we should be talking about, things you wish we were talking about.

Yeah, I wish there were better news stories Maine was known nationally for, but the news & image is the one provided by @Governor_LePage.

@Governor_LePage’s image of Maine is a place where black people, black males, are fearful. They’re in Maine corrupting virtuous white women.

@Governor_LePage’s image of Maine, broadcast to the nation, is a place where biracial children are a problem.

@Governor_LePage’s image of Maine, absolutely implied, is a place where “essentially 95% white” (his assessment of demographics) is good.

I’d rather read about basketball teams & police ranks better reflecting the communities they serve.

I’d love Maine’s image to be one of tolerance & enlightened attitudes about people w/ different backgrounds & experiences.

But the news & the issue is racism. Gross, evil, unambiguous racism, stoking white racist fears about black people.

Yesterday I suggested in a tweet reading up on Emmett Till. Fun Sunday reading. It’s not, but it is essential.

@Governor_LePage says what he thinks, he means what he says, and a lot of people think his “saying it like it is,” as they say, is ok.

When @Governor_LePage invoked the scary black male he used racism that got black males like Emmett Till murdered & let his murderers go free.

Welcome to Maine, the way white should me. Welcome to @Governor_LePage’s Maine.

As someone who lives in the state, who has a biracial son, your being embarrassed by what @Governor_LePage says & thinks, that’s not enough.

Your eye rolling, tongue clucking, oh-dear-he’s-said-it-again, your flushed embarrassment & let’s-change-the-subject reaction does not help.

Wishing to talk about something more pleasant, changing the conversation from @Governor_LePage’s racism to good news, that is complicity.

@Governor_LePage, if he doesn’t resign, needs to be impeached. I’m counting on you to do the right thing.

If this looks like a series of tweets, then that’s because this started out that way, in Twitter. Thank you.

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