Forest Avenue does not need to become Bayside

(Most of this originally appears on my twitter feed, @jamescradock. Enjoy.)

This would be good:

Bayside’s an interesting case. It’s not done yet, Midtown’s not built, but there is enough development now to use to see how good it is.

In Bayside now: Whole Foods, Planet Fitness, the building the state was using next to Planet Fitness, Walgreens, Trader Joe’s. Lots of parking.

Lots & lots of parking. Specifically, lots of parking lots in Bayside.

That the city thinks people will live, as year-round residents, in Bayside strikes me as preposterous.

But maybe I’m missing something. Do people move into a neighborhood to be surrounded by parking lots?

Is living at The Mall, not Maine Mall specifically but Any Mall, w/ their typically huge parking lots the places people want to live?

To understand what I’m talking about do this: Go to the 10th floor of the Intermed Building on the corner of Preble St. & Marginal Way.

Go to an exam room anywhere on the northeast side overlooking Bayside.

You’ll need a medical reason to get in an exam room. That part I’ll leave up to you.

Look out the exam room’s window & behold Bayside. What’s developed & likely not to be undeveloped is boxes & parking lots.

Will people want to live in Bayside as year-round residents? Does the city view Bayside as it is & where it is heading a success?

Barring action by Portland, Maine’s city council this kind of development is what’s going to begin to happen to Forest Ave.