I’m the grandson of Irish immigrants and I support Somali immigrants

It is offensive to me, the grandson of immigrants who left their birth country after a violent war for independence and a much more violent civil war, a place Donald Trump might have called a “dangerous place,” to be told by Donald Trump that immigrants are violent and dangerous, that immigrants represent a Trojan Horse, that immigrants should not be here in Portland, in Maine, in New England, in America.

My grandparents happened to be Irish Catholics. I am an Irish American. Yesterday Donald Trump came to the place I presently call home, Portland, Maine, and said Somali Muslims should not be here. The KKK in Maine said exactly the same things about Irish Catholic immigrants. It is offensive to me as an American, as it should be to anyone who thinks of themselves as a good American, to say Somali Americans, that Americans of any ancestry, religion or race, should not be in America.

My family’s story is not unique. This is America. My family’s story is the norm. I know that my Irish American family’s story is exactly the same as a Somali American’s family, and like my family’s story I know that Somali American’s family’s story is not unique.

On August 5th, if you are able, if you are in downtown Portland, Maine, do something positive. Go to City Hall at 2:30 PM and with other sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters of immigrants show support for Somali Americans.

Thank you.

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