The fire has escaped the engine room, and it is burning through the institutions of our civilization.

In a story like the Game of Thrones, itself influenced by the reality of feudal politics in Medieval Europe, we are taught that the good are not always victorious, the vanquished are not…

A meritocracy is a kind of evolution, an evolution of individuals in a society. Like biological evolution, its business is to reward the survivors, and winnow out the weak. It is a hard game but the rules are those used by Nature herself.

For all its advantages over less fair…

The singularity seems to be here. It just whooshed past, and we are in a new reality. OK?

Of course, the first thing you’ll notice is that we’re all still alive. The world still seems to be here. It wasn’t the end of the universe that some of us expected.

As scary as the ‘new normal’ of a Trump Presidency is, I think it is wise for the resistance to remember that election result wasn’t the inevitable result of a changing world, but rather it reflects a chance coming together of several factors.

First — and it is easy to…

Alaric Jones

i just like tying words up i suppose there is a term for that.. #poet

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