Louinot Garbiel was chosen as Driver of the Month due to his Honorable track record of personally seeing passengers items left In the taxi are returned .

His last creditable act was when he picked up a excited cruise passenger of the Independence of the Seas. They had pleasant conversation and once at the port she took her bags in the trunk and was on her way to her voyage.
Mr. Gabriel was on his way to pick up another passenger and noticed a big purse in the back seat.

After dropping off the passenger he went straight to the…

Yellow Cab prides itself in its on being champions of the community and we have Yellow Cab driving partners that help us to keep that dynamic spirit!

One of those drivers is Marc Calonge. Marc is one of our valued drivers who transport passengers with disabilities and has been helping people in need for three years. Marc delivers exemplary service to those who are not able to drive themselves to various doctors appointments, the grocery store, time out with friends; those things that, as humans we take for granted.

When Marc is not doing work to aid humanity, he spends time with his wife, Marleine and listening to Jazz music. Yellow Cab recognizes that as a company, we have some incredible driver comrades.

Yellow Cab’s Driver of the Month is George Alcuis. A 30 year veteran, George was called to pick up a passenger from a local hospital and deliver him to a bank and to his astonishment the passenger was a bank robber!

Upon exiting the bank and returning to the Yellow Cab, the perpetrator held George at knife point! As the Fort Lauderdale Police Department surrounded the vehicle, lights swirling and sirens blazing, loud voices shouted for the robber to drop the knife and when there was no cooperation, Driver George Alcuis snatched the knife from the outlaw and threw it…

We call Yellow Cab’s Driver of the Month for the first month of the New Year, our “Friendly Pay It Forward” Driver. Ed Adme, Driver #132, has won Yellow Cab’s Taxi Feedback — where our passengers leave their comments — three (3) times in the six (6) months that he has been driving for Yellow Cab!

This exemplary driver is not only passenger-focused, he is a selfless, giving person. …

One of the most incomparable aspects of Yellow Cab is our teamwork! Case in point; one of Yellow Cab’s most senior cab drivers (and there are many loyal people that have been with Yellow Cab for decades), Fanol Billy Taxi Driver #335 who has been a Yellow Cab Driver for over 20 years, and Gary Dorcelus, an overnight Customer Service Representative; yes, you will be HAPPY TO KNOW Yellow Cab has a 24 hour Client Services Department that assists our passengers and drivers, had an opportunity to help a grateful passenger this month. Our client services department received a frantic…

Thomas Dedominicis — Taxi # 209

This month’s Driver of the Month has had a thirty seven (37), yes I said a 37 year relationship with the Fort Lauderdale community via Yellow Cab. Thomas Dedominicis, a native of New York, has driven a Yellow Cab when Fort Lauderdale was singing, “Where the Boys Are”; and brooding over the Rise and Fall of Spring Break. He was driving when Hurricane David blew into town and the Smashing Pumpkins were debuting their musical genius in the 80’s. Yes, Thomas was dazzling customers when they came merely to see “A Flock of Seagulls!” Rising at 4:30AM, Thomas has a…

Josh Thoby, Taxi 402

With an engaging smile, and a voice as good as any on The Voice, Taxi #402 is driven by Driver of the Month, Josh Thoby. At Yellow Cab, we call Josh the Singing Taxi Driver. This 32 year Yellow Cab Taxi Veteran and talented singer captivates audiences locally when he is not entertaining Yellow Cab clients as lead singer of the band Trio!

If one hasn’t entered our “Yellow Cab Taxi Experience,” you are not only missing an opportunity to win some of South Florida’s BEST and MOST COVETED concert tickets, you are missing an amazing…

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