As an artist and UX designer, human behaviors and psychology fascinate me. I’m especially interested in how people communicate their needs and expectations to others. One way I explore this is by asking people to share highlights of their jobs. Once, a hair stylist gave this example of a typical dialogue with his customers:

Stylist: “So, how would you like your haircut today?”

Customer: “Hmmm… not too long and not too short, you know?”

UX designers, particularly in the enterprise space, receive a good volume of feedback and requests from non-design disciplines. Sometimes these spark inspiration, other times you really…

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Designing at organizations developing enterprise applications requires an enhanced set of qualities and skills to be the most successful. A design education might prepare you with the necessary marketable hard skills, but strengthening your soft skills will better position you for more opportunities and on-going growth. I’ve seen the good and the bad, as well as experienced the ups and downs, and have found the following three traits to be valuable in navigating this complex yet fun workspace.


Proactivity — the ability to look ahead, anticipate, learn from, and apply the knowledge going forward — is critical. This is particularly…

Tips for new UX designers designing complex applications in the enterprise world.

Our team designs a cloud infrastructure platform for experts who manage the world’s largest data centers. Once, a junior designer a couple of months into her job came proposing a color change to our standard notification message. Not wanting to limit her creativity, I responded, “Good idea, but how about we first focus on helping users to achieve X?” Another time she enthusiastically suggested that we apply new animation to the indicators. “I think these will add delight to the users!” Acknowledging her enthusiasm, I said, “Yes, but not if we have not helped them accomplish their goal.”

I have…

Kalen Wong

Design thinker

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