Cuisine of Arabia Turns International Thanks to The Shawarma Machine Suppliers in UAE

Are you working late? Rushing for your next meeting? Feeling the hunger pang yet no time to think about food? Well in UAE, no one goes hungry thanks to the famous and most favorite Arabic sandwich Shawarma. This is one food that is equally accepted and loved by both adults and kids. And this food always solves the weekend dilemma of junk food versus healthy food. This is one food that can be described as junk as well as healthy.

The cooking process of shawarma is entirely different from any other food around the world. This meat usually chicken, beef or mutton are stacked as chunks and layers on a vertical steel grill. The meat is then rotated while heating and grilled the whole day. The meat is then shaved off and placed in pita bread and vegetables are added to it. The grilling process which was done on skewers in the old era is now replaced with automatic, stainless steel shawarma machines which are quicker, healthier and cooks the meat perfectly.

Shawarma Machine Parts And Its Uses

The name shawarma is derived from the Turkish word ‘cevirme’ which means turning. The name has been coined due to the special process of turning by which the meat is cooked. The machine is made up of stainless steel and comes with a vertical grill which turns automatically. It runs on gas and there are knobs for turning on or switching off the machine. The flame can be adjusted according to the amount or quantity of the meat.

The machine has a glass door which can be closed, in order to preserve the heat and also to avoid contamination by any harmful external agents. This glass is important because in the majority of the cafeterias these machines are placed outdoors. The shawarma machine also has a tray below the vertical spit. This inbuilt drip tray prevents dripping of the oil and fat from the meat and it is also made out of steel thus making cleaning it easy.

The machine has non-slip feet, which helps to keep it firm and upright on the floor and gives a strong grip and prevents it from the dangers of falling down. This also helps to raise the motor of the machine thereby helping easy air circulation and also this helps to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the machine.

The vertical grill also comes with the innovative swiveling unit which is adjustable and thereby removing the grilled meat becomes an easy task. The heating element can be pushed and pulled in order to bring the meat closer or far from the heating element.

Safety Rules For The Use of Shawarma Machine

The Dubai Municipality has placed strict rules regarding the cleanliness, hygiene, and standardization of the shawarma machine. The rules require that the machines be placed indoors in order to prevent the contamination of the food placed in the machine. This is due to the few cases of salmonella infection which occurred due to the poor maintenance and the use of poor quality shawarma machine.

Complying with the rules set by the Dubai Municipality and the food safety authorities in the UAE, the shawarma machine suppliers sell products which are of high-quality stainless steel and innovative in design as well as function. They assure that the products comply with the safety standards as per the requirement of the authorities. There are numerous shawarma machine companies here in UAE which provides high-quality products and provides the best service, maintenance, and repair works.