Yelo for teams

Yelo = messenger + /commands. Read more about it in the introduction.

We have recently introduced yelo for teams. We believe all teams are unique and all teams are working on unique problems. This is where yelo comes in. Yelo is more like a framework to build your things on top of.

Messenger is the heart

Yelo is a messenger at heart. Commands are single words that when you type over chat, do something for you and bring you results over the messenger. When commands are typed on a group of 5 people from your company say the CXOs group, all of them see the results. Simple.

This is particularly helpful as commands give you automation and context, while a messenger gives you the human aspect and decision making.

Automation is the brain.

Automate your workflows. Yelo through its concept of /commands (and nano-apps) can help you create simple one-liner commands for use by your organization internally.

  1. Build quickly: Commands can be built very quickly, especially once you get a hang of it. It can take a few minutes to a couple of hours at max to do simple things.
  2. Device agnostic: You build your command once and we make sure it will run on all devices we support. Currenly we support web and android. iOS support coming soon.
  3. Minimal lines of code: These commands can be built very quickly with minimal programming to no-programming at your end depending on what you are trying to do.
Start simple and iterate with yelo and keep calm!

Yelo can help you replace a lot of common internal tasks with a few words. Here are some made up examples:

  1. Send your employees a form everyday in the morning. /everyday 8am /sendconfidentialform
  2. Maintain an eye on your leads database and get notifications. /notify on new user
  3. Send buttons to a group for approval on some design or an everyday document, etc. /getapproval <document URL>
  4. Plot graphs of your server load. /barchart server load
  5. Get active user’s count every 3 hours. /activeusers count every 3 hours

Tools / documentation is the hand

We ship with an extensive guide to build your commands.

Yelo has an advanced commands engine. As you do not have to write UI code, we provide the power to paint the UI with text / input interfaces (all with simple one-liners).

Commands build on each other so you can use the already existing commands and focus on your core work rather than building common software.


Another type of citizen in the yelo city. Nanoapps are simply built on /commands. Not everyone is comfortable typing commands or remember the syntax. To address this, we have created a wrapper called nanoapps which are small app-like interfaces to mimic the underlying command.

These nanoapps do not have to be installed. They work within the yelo app and take no space on your devices. This makes it perfect for giving your vendors or customers a simple interface to interact with your company by placing orders, etc.,


Feeds are something you can subscribe to. If you are the CTO of a hot tech startup, you might want to subscribe to server load details every hour. You are the CEO, you want to know everytime a new user joins and get a bar-chart every 6 hours. Set reminders, host polls, send mail / SMS to all your vendors / field-workers, RSVP to an internal event, etc.

All possible, with very little effort!

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