Meet A Super MTL Yelp Elite : Janine T!

Janine T with her slightly famous life partner, Hibou!

Janine T is 4 years Yelp Elite, a killer reviewer of cocktails and vegetarian options at the best restaurants in town and all around the world, and lucky me, she was one of the first people I met and made friends with on Yelp Montreal. She’s wicked smart and has lived an amazing life already. Her reviews can be hilarious and warm and loving and scathing but I always respect how she works to find the positive even in bad experiences and tries to keep an open mind and give places a second chance when she’s underwhelmed the first time. And when she loves a place, she really really loves it: she knows all the staff by name and they sure as hell know her (and have probably done shots with her.) She’s a globe trotting terror of a lawyer and a call-it-like-it-is friend and yelper with a semi-famous little bud named Hibou almost always at her side.

Meet Super Elite, Janine T!

Yelp Montreal: Heeyyyyy Janine! What do you like about being Elite?

Janine T: I’m not going to lie, I love the food and drink, but most of all, it’s the people. When I walk into an event, I see my elite buddies and we pick up where we left off no matter how long it’s been. There’s an acceptance in this group that just makes you feel all warm…and thirsty.

YM: What’s the best experience you’ve had as an Elite?

JT: Hmm this is a tough one as there are just so many, but it’s a tie: The family style dinner at Restaurant Gus as the food was lick your plate yummy, the conversations had me laughing until I cried, the wine pairings were out of this world and it was just so cozy and looking out the window made me fall even more in love with Montreal (and funny enough, choose that area as where I would buy my condo!). Second would have to be the pole dancing class. I had gone through a set back at work and was feeling low, but being surrounded by tough chicks and being able to try something new and be able to actually do some things that I never thought I could do was the most empowering feeling I’ve felt in ages, I left the studio with the biggest grin on my face and practically skipped home.

YM: What’s your day job?

JT: I work in an office and wear dresses, fancy high heels and carry around a pretty handbag while playing out my role as the Director of Business Development for a global software and translation company.

YM: What’s your secret skill?

JT: Going into any store and whatever I touch, ends up being the most expensive thing in the entire place. It’s more a curse than a skill I suppose.

YM: What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

JT: I dye my eyelashes so that I look less scary when I wake up.

YM: What’s a recent awesome discovery you’ve made through Yelp?

JT: Orange wine, it’s freaking delicious (during the family style dinner at Gus)

YM: What do you love about Montreal?

JT: I love the 4 seasons, even though some of them tend to stick around a lot longer than they should…yep, I’m looking at you, Winter. This is truly a walking city and you can eat your way around the world as affordably or as lavishly as you please. When people come to visit Montreal and ask me to pick a restaurant for them, it’s damn near impossible as I want to recommend 20 (what a great problem to have!) Another thing that I love about Montreal is that we still cook with wine and butter, ‘nuff said.

“Life is too short to waste on bad food.”

YM: Why do you Yelp?

JT: I travel a lot for my job and happen to live between two great food cities: Montreal and NYC. Life is too short to waste on bad food and when you’re stuck in the middle of Indiana and you don’t eat meat, then you need to do your research. What started out as sheer desperation turned into my first Yelp invite and from there, I was hopelessly addicted to Yelp, the community and my fab elite buddies. Yelp has given me an even bigger appreciation of my home city and introduced me to places that I never would have found on my own, plus I’ve met so many amazing, talented and fun people through a non-dating website which is pretty great!

YM: What are some other ways you get involved in your community?

JT: I volunteer on the Oysterfest board, so basically I help to bring yumminess to the fine people of this city at the end of every Summer.

Hibou is a regular at many fine establishments, including Burgundy Lion. Follow him on Instagram @Hibou514

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