Review Of The Month: Offer R. Ordered Most Of The Menu At Santa Barbara

Cheers to YOU, sir!

Welcome to Review of the Month where we spotlight a truly FUC’able review written by a truly awesome local Yelper in Montreal! This time around we get to know Offer R, a Yelp Elite since 2015 who has written 141 reviews already, including his winning Funny, Useful and Cool review for Santa Barbara.

It’s been awesome getting to know Offer since he became a kickass Montreal Yelper, so we were excited to learn more about how he got into Yelp, and find out some of his favourite finds around the city, check it out!

YM: What does your name mean? How does that represent you?

Offer R: It means the cub of the Ibex, kind of like Bambi, I guess we are pretty similar Bambi and I! ;)

YM: Why do you Yelp?

Offer R: I was using Yelp all the time to make decisions and I thought it would be really cool to contribute content myself.

YM: Tell us about the moment when you realized Yelp became something special to you?

Offer R: I went out of Canada for a couple of months to Israel where Yelp hasn’t reached yet, and wow I really missed it a lot.

YM: If you had to pick only 3 places to eat in Montreal for the rest of your life, where would it be? What makes these places special for you?

Offer R: I’d have to go with these 3:

L’Entrepôt: where you can eat for $5

Fameux Viande Fumée Et Charcuterie: for the variety and very affordable prices

Laloux: it’s a proper gourmet restaurant with a changing menu.

YM: What do you love about Montreal?

Offer R: I love everything about Montreal except for the cold winter!

YM: What was the proudest moment in your life?

Offer R: Winning this Yelp Gift Box! Such an awesome surprise!

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