Meet A Yelp Montreal Super Elite : Ann T!

Lookit that grin!

Ann T is on her third year of being elite and it’s with great pleasure that I follow her adventures in the city via Yelp. She embodies what it means to be an urban explorer, just getting out there and trying new stuff with an open mind, and her reviews are honest portraits of her rambles. She always tries to give some insight on how to access a spot when she reviews it and when she finds something delicious her enthusiasm is contagious. Though she doesn’t always make it to Yelp Elite events, it’s her kickass and consistent reviewing that makes her a true super elite, and it’s the reason why she was nominated by her fellow Yelpers for this spotlight. So let’s get to know her!

Yelp Montreal: Hey Ann! What do you like about being Elite?

Ann T: I love to connect with like-minded folk who are into the Montreal food scene as much as I am. It’s a great way to meet new people as well as discover local businesses that I might know about were it not for my fellow Elites and of course, Risa D.! That and the free events ;-)

YM: What’s the best experience you’ve had as an Elite?

AT: Truth be told, I tend to fly under the radar by not attending a whole lot of events! That said, I’ll have to go with the private event hosted by Le Cheese, at Cosmos. Stuffed my face with a cool bunch of people.

YM: What’s your secret skill?

AT: I’m a closet songwriter.

YM: What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

AT: Despite all my energy and being on-the-go, I occasionally like my quiet time and I like it solo.

YM: What’s a recent awesome discovery you’ve made through Yelp?

AT: Burger Royal — and this is only considered a ‘discovery’ because I don’t eat red meat. I had a sudden hankering for a burger that lasted 8 months and finally caved in last April. Thank God for Yelp!

YM: What do you love about Montreal?

AT: What’s not to love? Amazing architecture, cool neighbourhoods, a slew of fantastic restaurants, and there’s always something going on. I also love that Montreal has a fantastic street art scene. It’s a very colourful city.

YM: Why do you Yelp?

AT: Yelping allows me to combine some of my greatest loves: food + writing + photography. Oh and traveling — let’s not forget that. You can pretty much Yelp anywhere!

YM: What are some other ways you get involved in your community?

AT: I try to take part in ‘awareness’ events, whether it be yoga to end violence against women or doing the annual breast cancer walk/run.

Ann T has added 390 reviews to date and over 436 photos, she rocks a beautiful camera and is always working to learn more about how to use it to tell great stories about the city. Check out her shots on Yelp and her amazing Instagram feed for her street art shots too!

From one of Ann’s photos!

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