Yackathon Spotlight: Irene Pylypenko, Hacking Health

Yelp Montreal’s community hackathon — The Yackathon — is coming up: April 1,2,3 2016. We are looking forward to seeing the results of teams combining our data with other open datasets to help visualize our cities in smart new ways! We are counting down to the Yackathon with a series of interviews with members of the Yackathon Jury, who will be on hand at the 3 networking parties throughout the weekend to help develop projects, and provide career insights for working in tech! Check out info on the Yackathon here: http//www.bit.ly/yackathon16 and read on to get to know more about one of this year’s judges!

Can you tell us a bit about what do you do, and why you’re interested in open data?

Irene Pylypenko: I’ve been working with Hacking Health, a non-for-profit with a mission to break down barriers in healthcare for the past 3 years, and access to data has always been a big challenge for the hackers. There are so many interesting and impactful problems we could solve if only healthcare information wasn’t locked up in government and research institutions.

What will you look for when judging?

Irene Pylypenko: Creativity and Impact.

What’s coming up that you’re excited about, or what interests you the most in this domain these days?

Irene Pylypenko: Access to care.