Dive into the Blue Ocean of AI+No-Code: First come, first served! | Pt.1


Top 3 AI+No-Code Platforms for Building Your First App or SaaS. Part 1.

AI became an essential part of no-code platforms, helping users build better, more efficient, and more capable applications without needing to have specialized coding knowledge. Here I made a overview for top 3 no-code platforms that leverage AI and machine learning technologies.

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1// AppSheet

AppSheet is a no-code platform that allows you to build mobile applications without writing any code. AppSheet supports AI integrations through APIs.

How “AppSheet” Works?

AppSheet lets you make your own apps without needing to know how to write computer code.

Alright, so you wanna make an app with AppSheet?
Here’s what you gotta do:

Step one, connect it to your data source. Maybe it’s an Excel spreadsheet or something like that. It’s easy peasy.

Step two, design your app using their super user-friendly editor. You can create all sorts of cool stuff, like different pages, buttons, and fields for entering and viewing data.

Once you’re done making your app look and work just how you want it to, you can share it with the world! Your friends, your coworkers, your family… whoever you want. And if you need to make any changes down the road, no big deal. You can update your app without needing to learn any fancy code.

2// Bubble

Bubble is a no-code platform that allows you to build web applications without writing any code. Bubble supports AI integrations through plugins and APIs as well.

How “Bubble” Works?

hello, medium! Like Shopify for SaaS

Basically, you can create all sorts of interactions between different parts of your site with this thing. Want to send an email when someone fills out a form? Easy peasy. As well as to update a database when someone clicks a button.

And the best part: Bubble takes care of all the tech stuff in the background, so you don’t need to worry about hosting or databases or any of that complicated nonsense. You just focus on making your site or app look and work exactly how you want it to.

3// Mendix

Mendix is a no-code platform that allows you to build enterprise applications without writing any code. Mendix also supports AI integrations through APIs as Bubble and AppSheet.

How “Mendix” Works?

this one record I borrowed :)) I wouldn’t did it better

First up, design the look and feel just like you would with Bubble.

Next, use their drag-and-drop interface to create all the different parts of your app, like screens, buttons, and fields for entering data. It’s a breeze, even if you’re not super tech-savvy.

Then, connect your app to your data sources, a spreadsheet for example. This way, you can bring in data from all sorts of different places and use it to make your app even more awesome.

Finally, it’s time to share your app with the world! Mendix handles all the technical stuff for you, like hosting your app and making sure it’s totally secure. So go ahead, hit that publish button and let the good times roll.

Instead of Conclusion (heh..)

Bubble is super easy to use and has a cool visual interface that lets you design and create really complex apps without having to code a thing. Plus, it’s super customizable, so you can make your apps look and work exactly how you want them to. And the best part? It won’t break the bank like some of those other no-code platforms.

Now, if you’re looking for a more enterprise-focused platform, Mendix might be the way to go. It’s got some seriously advanced features and is geared towards creating those big, complicated business apps. Plus, it’s super secure and compliant, so you don’t have to worry about any of that sensitive data getting into the wrong hands.

And if you’re all about mobile app development, you gotta check out AppSheet. It’s perfect for creating simple, data-driven apps that are ideal for field service, inspection, and inventory management. And it’s so easy to use, you’ll have your app up and running in no time.


Depending on what you’re after, all three platforms have their own strengths. If you want something versatile, customizable, and affordable, go with Bubble. If you’re a big business with complex needs, give Mendix a shot. And if you’re all about mobile, AppSheet is your go-to.

First come, first served !

AI is no longer just a buzzword, it has become an integral part of our daily lives. You don’t need to be a coding genius to get started. Seems that these tools above will dictate new rules for business. And everyone now has a chance to ride upcoming wave.

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