Introspection — Part 1

Hi guys, welcome once again to *I don’t know what to call it yet*

I know someone’s like I came here to read about life jare. Don’t stress me with your greeting.

This is for you…

So I know most of my writings have been faceless and that’s because I don’t have a face. Just kidding. Anyways l’ll be sharing something that’s a bit personal today.

So I want to talk a little about introspection.

Introspection to me is a powerful concept that I’ve literally had to live.

You know we tend to sometimes go through the cycles of life, without really having to give what we’re doing or what we’ve done, what we’ve achieved or our failures a thought.

We just keep going in cycles, cycles. Yeah, at this point if you’ve not heard that song from Jonathan McReynolds you’re missing. Check out make room — the full album.

Okay back to introspection, so last year I had to do a lot of writing about myself. Okay for the sake of openness that I mentioned when I started — I had to apply for masters and I had to write essays and SOPs.

For people that don’t know what that entails, I had to talk about myself. That’s one of my greatest dreads. My subconscious subscription to the myth “Watch me to know me” was always present. So a few lines into an essay I’m stuck, thinking what I’m I supposed to write.

I was always tempted to write things like this “I am an excellent software engineer, the products are there to show it. Look me up here link, link, link and link

But in the process, I learnt the act of introspection. Thinking deeply about who you are and what you’ve done and optionally communicating it. Yes communicating it. Recall: communication has happened when what the sender sends is received with all its details intact by the receiver. i.e Alice gets Bob’s love letter in full :)

So yeah, sitting down at my table and with long bouts of thoughts, I was later able to put ink to paper and talk about me.

So, let’s look at the keep points to note in introspection

Friends are Triggers

I must never forget the place of friends and people close to you in carrying out an introspection exercise. In a way, talking to my friends helped to trigger those points in me and created pathways as it were for my thought patterns.

Introspection births self discovery

I believe that introspection is a key step to self discovery. You’ll never know you if don’t introduce yourself to you. Introspection helps you see how you got here and helps you plan the next steps.

The product is what you have done, the process is who you are.

I’ll stop here and finish this up in a concluding post. Hope you enjoyed this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Happy introspecting!