The innocence of life


There is great beauty in innocence.

Beauty, in how life at its basic natural state can be so appealing.

The clutter that surrounds the awakened, civilised man can sometimes take away the treasure hidden in the simplicity of life at its bare.

And Oh! the joy of not having to worry about what the price of the stocks are or what the news is saying.

Just bliss, joyful bliss.

In search of this innocence, we sometimes call it nature, many take off time in a year to enjoy.

We say we’re going on a vacation.

That innocence is what is what I called the essence of life.

Enjoying life in its raw form and impacting while at it.

So tour the world!

Visit diverse terrains, meet people of different language and culture.

Capture the smiles around the world.

Change the world while at it!

What more can life be lived for!