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We tend to believe that we can’t do without the internet. That we would die if we don’t open our computer in a day. Or to exaggerate less, that we would miss out on the world. Miss out on the latest jokes, latest trends, latest ideas, innovations and knowledge the world has to offer.

That thinking makes us stick to our computers — mobile and immobile all day long. We stare into millions of pixels at almost any free time we get.

Inadvertently, we’ve become the pixel starers. Okay, enough sacarsm.

I believe that taking time off our computers to see other things we can do could give more meaning to our lives. In a way it opens our eyes to see new ideas and ways by which we can express ourselves. We begin to see our dusty books that we’ve neglected or the guy in our immediate community that needs help. We begin to find love in writing and creating generally.

The life online has so much information that sometimes we feel overwhelmed by it and convince ourselves unconsciously that there is nothing left to be created.

I think our computers should be approached as tools not as companions that we must be with every time. I see it this way: envision what you want to do, can it be done offline, if yes go with offline if no go with online.

Thanks to Toluwanimi Ajewole for the ginger to finally push out my first medium article.


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