12 Years a Hustler, Time to Go Home
Sheriff Shittu O.

Wow! Sheriff Shittu O. It’s interesting that my first encounter with you was just some few minutes ago. I came across and read your post from july 31 "making Konga great again". I was intrigued by that write-up and your passion for tech startups & "wannabe tech entrepreneurs" like myself. So, i decided to look you up and follow you.

I must say i really admire your courage for sharing this, it has opened my eyes to the reality of things and definitely shaped my perspective moving forward. I can assure you that I’ll go over this post everyday for the next one week.

Thanks a lot for sharing. I wish you the best during your break! Hope you return soon and better! I'll love to tap into your 12years of experience when you are back. ☺

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