Emotional pain, we go through it in silence, filled the void with small talks on food, gossips, just to appear O.K.. We didn’t want nor have the courage to face it head on, as if talking about it makes things much worse. Is it possible to make it worse than how it already was? We turned to distractions, let time do what it does best, erode our memories, and so too pains.

I know we have healed beautifully not because we no longer (want to) talk about it, it’s because we can freely admit that we were a wreck then, and because of what wrecked us, it led us down the paths that allow us to feel whole again today.

— Malaysia June 23, 2020


Writing is a so beautiful process. To write is to be vulnerable, to reveal my belief system, how I feel and think to the world unapologetically.

I wrote privately for a long time, more like jotted down scattered thoughts before they could escape. …

I’ve these many questions piling up in the back of my head from time and again that I grew tired from frantically searching for a definite answer. And, while I was just looking through this imaginary window and ponder upon life, some answers came rushing by, made it way through…

Back in college, I was told repeatedly to find a mentor, because a good one will help me go a long way. I didn’t know what that meant, nor anyone would be willing to take up that job for someone else, and essentially to what end. Fast forward to 5…

As spring turns into summer, 1 month turns into 3 then 6, today I realize I have stopped counting the days I have been calling this new place home. Does it make this new living space more home than it used to be? I guess I will somehow find out…

Have you ever felt exiled in your own birthplace? I feel it stronger everyday, that I no longer belong here. Perhaps, sense of belonging never existed in my first 17 years born and raised here. Time fossilized then and unfroze right where I left off. There I don’t have a house but I feel home at every corner I turn. Here I have a physical house but home feels only at the corner of my room, and through all electronic devices that connect me with people on the other side of the world.

Writing, I personally find, is beautifully artistic in such a way that it helps visualize your thoughts. It is a transformative mechanism that miraculously make brainwaves into “tangible” form. I wish I’m a better writer, or least through persistent practice, I will soon become one.

Writing, I personally find, is…

Nhu Tran

Girls who dream will become women with vision

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