The life is meanless? Don’t worry.

Anybody sad upon found out that the life is meanless? Don’t worry. l have 2 news;

The bad news is; You’re right. Its meanless.

The good news is; its not necessary to be sad for that.
If you feel happy, try to stop it as soon as possible. Because it may unfairly make you believe that the life is good.

Life is not good. And life is not bad. Life is life and you are not authorised to judge it.

Either you are a member of any religion or not, your biological personal computer, i.e. the brain, as well as all other creatures on this planet, was programmed to keep living and make other creatures like you. Therefore, you need to get food and make sex as priority. You have basic instincts which already force you to do. You have to have also shelter and clothes to ensure the survival at least until soon future.

In case a threat shows up, which may be dangerous for your assets, you will need to fight and you have already the necessary instincts too.

When the basic instincts and relevant needs are satisfied and safe, the creature seems happy. Vice versa.

Yes, you have the most complex brain compared to other known creatures, but you have mainly same systematic of being happy or not.

Consequently, your brain was programmed to solve the problems around above matters, not to understand the universe or reason of its existence or reasons of the existence of human being so on.

If you have an average brain, you have no chance. If you have a brain like Einstein, still same. Because, its so clear what the human brain was programmed for, while its very unclear for what reason. Only advantage of Einstein and the similar brains, if any, to ask more sophisticated questions and to find out little bit more information about how the universe is run. But, what they found is always too far away from understanding the answers of above mentioned big questions.

On the other hand, the difference between the “understanding” level of normal person compared to Einstein and similar(s) is extremely huge. That difference is much bigger than the difference of normal person and sheep.

Normal person believe that s/he is much smarter than a sheep, basing on the technological results of human civilisation, but the fact is that the development of human civilisation has been achieved only by means of Einstein and other “different” brains, of which, total number throughout the history cannot exceed lets say just about one thousand persons. If it would be possible to take them out of the human story since beginning, the present level of human civilisation would be more or less same like ten thousand years ago. You can observe such human clans in rain forests still today. Of course the modern human is much more capable to be educated than a sheep for any intended purpose, but their behaviour and level of understanding is still very similar.

Despite it was theoretically possible for human being to keep living on this planet with brotherhood and peacefully, actually its impossible to proceed so further. The formulation is not a secret, which, as many people already know, covers empathy, loving also those who are different, sharing what you have with those who also need, not to wish anything for anybody, which you would not want reciprocally against you, so on. Such formulation has been given to human being by great leaders since thousands of years, but such leaders had very limited success in spreading their religion or ideas. Seemingly, some of such leaders have billions of followers still today, but, in fact, soon after the death of such leaders, the human being have used their religion or ideas as instruments for killing other people all together or one by one, while the original purpose of all such leaders was stop killing.

The reason is clear, its about understanding level of normal person anywhere around the planet. They have very strong instincts and they need enemies to fight in any case, they are extremely selfish, because they originally need to be selfish to survive, while they have very limited understanding that its impossible to go on as human being on this planet in view of the current level of technology and weapons and population along with the selfishness.

The Paradox is that, the human must be selfish to survive but must stop selfishness to go on.

What to do then?


Just follow your instincts and enjoy it.

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