Dear Dudes: This Is What Rape Culture Looks Like
Alan Linic

Alan, thank you. It’s guys like you that reassure me that the human race isn’t doomed to an Idiocracy type of existence.

It’s really easy for men, and in particular cisgender white men (like me), to imagine how the pain and outrage of being physically threatened or attacked would galvanize us into action. Reporting the situation seems like a no-brainer, and many of the comments questioned the women’s stories because the commenters could not comprehend why the women hadn’t come forward when their attacks occurred.

I think that the reason why some men don’t seem to understand why women don’t report assault is because they cannot imagine themselves in that woman’s shoes. For those, I would like to suggest that you take a look at the video linked below. Its a four part series by an Indian company and its in Hindi. It does have subtitles. It is about what happens when the role of men and women in current society are reversed. When I first saw this, about a year ago, it felt… odd. There are so many things I personally ignore every day — like men passing comments, openly staring, etc. It was and is so commonplace that I hadn’t given it a second thought. I would have sympathised if it was a woman, shared my own horror stories, and that would have been the end of it. But when you see a man in that same situation, it hits you much harder. Maybe, this could help those without imaginations, see how it feels when you are assaulted. And maybe, if enough people understand, I can step out the door knowing that, today, I will not be molested.

P.S. I have no affiliation to the company which made it. I just saw it in my feed.

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