Ivana Knezevic

Beautifully written, Ivana :-) ❤

The Medium community is a wonderful thing. I have never met so many people who affected me as deeply as the people here. This sea of words feels like home, a place of comfort and safety.

About Thomas, I understand your concern and am glad he has such a loyal friend :-) As a fellow poet and one whose work hits on the dark side frequently, I know how seductive and how creatively rewarding the dark can be. But Thomas is strong and he won’t give in to depression — at least not for very long. I trust him on this part.

Thomas, on the rest of it, just give up already. None of us are willing to let you off the hook. The flip side of having friends is having them bug you when they feel you’re not okay. I’m completely on Ivana’s side in this.

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