Crumpled Paper/ निचोड़े कागज़

A poetry experiment in two languages


You left love poems on the paper of my heart
And next second you crumpled it, squeezed it
The paper dripped blue-black and that ink
That ink I made my companion for life

इस दिल की कागज़ पर तुमने शायरी छोड़े
और उसी कागज़ को एक पल में निचोड़े
काली नीली रक्त टप टपाई, उस स्याही
को ही मैंने बनाया अपना हुमराही

I’ve been experimenting in writing with different languages in an attempt to find new imagery, new pathways for words to travel, to find pieces that would work in multiple languages. I am planning on using Hindi as it’s about the only other language I can write in with a bit of fluency. I would love feedback on this experiment. Please, please comment and let me know what you think. Thanks :-)
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