Gimme the ole page feel…

Dear Medium, Medium Staff, Ev Williams

I have a question for you.

What have you done with my endless feed???

That was the best part of Medium. You have taken a thing I love and trimmed it so much, it’s not even the idea of what it was.

Look, there must be thousands of people who, like me, who read more than 5 articles at a time on their phones. How are we supposed to find more articles? I personally follow multiple people who write daily and I get mainly their articles. And I certainly follow more than 5 of them. You refresh the feed thrice. That’s a maximum of 15 new articles that I can read. I definitely read more than that considering that most of the stuff I read is poetry.

Second, what happens if more than 5 of the people I follow publish articles within a period of 8 hours? How many of the articles will I miss?

The user experience has worsened with the new version. Previously, I just clicked on Home and my beautiful endless feed would show up. I could click on an article, read it, click Home and be redirected to Home at the place I left it last. It was truly wondrous. Simple, effective UX built for readers. I had a serious case of hero worship for that UX.

Now, in the new homepage, I have to first click a queue (“new from people you follow,” “recommended by people you follow,” etc.). Then I have to scroll down, select an article, read. Now from here, if I click Home — which is what you’ve habituated me to do with the previous version — I have to select a queue again and it starts again. Basically, you’re increasing the number of clicks and it’s very very irritating.

I love the fact that the stuff I don’t read (self-help, listicles) don’t appear in my feed. BUT, I would rather have that in my endless feed than not have an endless feed. At least, give me the option to choose my homepage. Sometimes, it’s good to not change.

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