Houston, We Have a Problem…
Heath Houston

Heath, just because it’s over doesn’t mean you are a failure. It took me four years to realise that. I just heard that he’s getting married and damn, it still hurts. I can lie all I want, say I’m over it, try to hate him for all he did but I can’t. He is and will always be a part of who I am. Because logic and reason have no part to play in this. It’s just a big ole soppy feeling — all-encompassing, hurtful at times and something I wouldn’t trade for the universe. The truth is — the hurt and the pain will appear at odd times, but otherwise, you’ll be fine. Five and a half years and counting. So, to recap, (1) not your fault. Shit happens (2) This is not going away but it will diminish.

I hope you get through it faster than I did. *hugs*

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