when a haiku light
Mary Holden

Here are my top three reasons for how this could have happened.

Option 1: I read your mind, unconsciously as my soul was travelling the ether in search of inspiration. Nope. I sleep so deep that I’m pretty sure my soul sleeps with me.

Option 2: You entered my mind and placed that haiku there. Nope. Not very probable. Very high walls. I can’t even get in sometimes.

Option 3: Our muses must have had a chat and influenced each other. Hmm…possible. My muse, darling that she/he is (Don’t judge. She/he is gender-form-personality-fluid and she/he doesn’t like to be called it, comprende?), does like to get inspired…

P.S. Thank you Mary. I’m glad my haiku resonated with you and sorry about the silliness. I can’t seem to keep myself from it today. I really do appreciate the compliment. :-)

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