Thomas Reese!
Ivana Knezevic

Hi Ivana, I just got a message from Thomas asking if I would say a few nice words about him because you are “ready to cold cock him with a baseball bat”

But after reading your post and knowing how he made you worry, I’m torn. You were right, but the poor devil dog is suffering too. As you already know, he is a very sweet gentleman, very gallant — and from his descriptions of the flu, already in deep throes of pain. So, please forgive our mutual friend and please consider that he may start writing very depressing poems, if you continue in this line. And I for one, am looking forward to some more spirited, silly, funny ones… So, in the interest of and in the hope of cheerful stuff from Thomas, please do work with me.

P.S. And if he disappears again, I promise to work with you and we can both find him and bludgeon him until sense decides to reside in his head once more :-)

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