There is a strange preponderance of darkness coming from many writers on Medium all at the same…
Sheryl Martin

It could just be Medium’s algorithm. Read one dark poem and it dumps all the dark poems it can find in your feed. Or maybe we are getting serially infected by the dark. Yikes! The dark is winning, isn’t it? We are all going to be devoured!

On a more serious note — As far as I know, from the people I read on a regular basis, only one friend is depressed and has written about it while another is down but their stuff is not published (just saying it, ‘cos that could have influenced me). One poet has a habit of writing cynical, dark stuff, so they can’t be counted. And I read a lot…no kidding…a lot lot. So, from the random (and absolutely biased) sampling above, I think it must be the algorithm.

If you are looking for things to make you smile, may I suggest the following wonderful writers who never fail to bring a smile on my face — Roy Schlegel, Tommy Paley, ThunderPuff, Gail Boenning, Melina Saint Thunderdome, Jack Herlocker, Joey McKeown, Page Barnes.

Ready? Let’s go and game the Medium algorithm!

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