“Is there a better term?
Rev. Fred Denial

Rev. Fred Denial — if you are so ‘triggered’ by her words, please vent your ire someplace else. This is a person in pain and she is trying to work through it. If you cannot understand her pain, fine. Either offer support or keep quiet. Just because something ‘triggered’ you, it does not mean you can be an asshole to other people — especially when they are already suffering.

Second, knowing that there is a problem and reaching out for help requires a lot of strength, self-knowledge and confidence. It’s easier to pretend that nothing is happening; to suffer and wear a mask saying you’re okay and slowly wither away inside. Talking about it openly; to understand that yes, you have been hurt; that the wound is still in you; that you need to treat it; is the first step to healing.

Reverend, I’m speaking from my personal experience of assault and abuse. Just because a few years have passed does not make that injury any less grave. And just because you are okay now, it does not mean that you will not feel that pain again. I too thought that I was okay until the day I saw a play that described a sequence of events that happened to me — and I had a panic attack — years after the fact, after the fact that I’d made my peace with the assault. And I don’t panic, ever. And then recently, I read an article which brought it all back, once more. I lived through it again. I know this may happen again in the future; that my brain will force me to relive the horror; but that doesn’t mean that I’m weak or that I don’t know how to deal with it. It happens, you work through it and then life moves on.

So, please try to understand and empathise. If you’re not able to understand, for heaven’s sake, go somewhere else.

TeriJo, hang in there and get help. You will be okay. And if the Reverend cannot understand, block him. ❤ and peace to you.