Stop threatening women with rape

This is a rant. Today, I read an article on a major news daily in India where they report on a… I hesitate to say person or human, but for the lack of a better word…. Person, a political leader who threatens women with rape.

RLSP MLA accused of asking indecent questions to girl students says won't apologies

I just read it and I’m seeing red. Asking a victim about rape is a sensitive thing and should be approached with empathy. Asking for details calmly and explaining why the details are needed is also acceptable. But telling them that they will be raped if they don’t answer? That’s fucked up on so many levels even Dante wouldn’t be able to think up a punishment for that. And in a country like India where sexual education is non-existent and the very idea of sex is something that is rarely discussed, how could you expect those girls to do anything but mumble? They were trying to do the right thing. Please speak to them with empathy and understanding. Or if that is too much for you, leave it to someone who knows how to handle it. This is inhuman. End of rant.

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