Best Days and Some

“What day is it?”, asked Winnie the Pooh
 “It’s today,” squeaked Piglet
 “My favorite day,” said Pooh”

We all have our favorite day.

Over the past year, I had committed to myself to be grateful for everything that come my way — small and great things like being with and learning from local communities; each moment that I get to be with my loved ones; every peel of laughter and insights that come my way.

I endeavor to breath mindfulness from the time I open my eyes to the time I lay down my head to sleep, grateful for the chance to live life fully and be surrounded by people who light my path and whose positivity gently inspires me to be better.

This attitude has carried me through life’s ups and down. There was never a time that I whined and questioned the circumstances that I am in. In being grateful, I get to fully experience life with a trusting, deeply hopeful heart.

Life has generously showered me with goodness and challenges to learn from. Single-handedly I was able to raise my three daughters and at the same time, craft my own direction to purposefully and productively focus my time on worthwhile endeavors. I also get to work in challenging environment with people who find meaning with what they do.

Everyday is a joyful experience — to wake up to the chirping of the birds as the orangey sky burst into light and to watch in awe as flocks of birds starts their journey in the early morning breeze or in watching the leaves dance its way to the ground.

I am always caught in awe with the marvelous simplicity and magic of the everyday. Somehow, I find inspiration on ordinary folks who get to go through life lightly no matter what. No demands nor feeling of entitlement. These are people who may have broken their hearts and failed but continuously improve themselves and take responsibility for everything. No finger pointing nor blaming.

They are the same people who made me see life in exciting way and made me realize that there so much in the ordinary. Life is indeed better when we shift our perspective and accept that we all have a lot of things to learn and unlearn from. It is a mindful decision to keep note of things that can be done better at work or in relationship with myself and others and in being more open to different perspectives.

To be humbled by life and to accept things in all the best possible way. By pushing forward, stretching myself and learning to laugh well, life gets brighter and lot more better. Having a great partner who only wants the best for you also makes the journey complete.

In between work and making a joyful home, nothing beats the commitment to downshift and practice minimalist way of living.

Some things never compare. Sometimes when we allow life to happen, it can make everyday the best day of our lives.

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