Everything is Grace

It is the beauty of having someone who truly cares for you that makes everything all right.

Friday last week, I woke up with a neck pain. Stiff neck or so I thought until the time when a sudden pain would run from my nape to my head. I had some reports and submissions due for the day. Yet, I could not do anything (not even open the computer and correspond on emails), but to force myself to rest.

The pain lingered for hours. I could not move myself nor take any step without being besieged by the discomfort. At that hour, I have nothing but the faith that things will eventually turn out well.

Keeping me company was my daughter who had to excuse herself from work and my niece who both helped me out as I try to find the best way to deal with the discomfort, including the proper way to sit up or rest, go to the washroom, have my cold compress and move a little bit around sans the pain (or so, I wished).

She was able to come home earlier than the usual and the next hours and the whole weekend was spent in having my therapy. All there in preparing my meals, getting me dressed, brushing my hair, giving me hot compress and tucking me to bed. Everything light and small gestures that meant a lot for someone who can barely move for 48 hours without the tingling pain.

Those were the hours of grace.

I was in pain and yet, I could also feel the positive energy that things would be alright. It was a moment of trusting and of allowing the experience of being jolted by pain to fully embrace life.

This morning, I opened my eyes fully grateful, as I had always been. The pain has subside and I could move around. Slowly, take everything slow, I was admonished. I did have a wonderful time watching in the sideline as plants are moved and re-arranged in the garden and as meals are prepared and cooked.

All is well. Everything is grace.

There is an abundance of things to be grateful for when we allow our hearts to embrace everything as it comes. Everything light and love. ❤