Less is More

What if we do less?

While everybody is swearing by the value of filling each space and hours with something to do, I would rather take the opposite.

From eight to ten must-do’s, I realized that I can only really focus on three essential things in a day. These are schedules which are too important for me to relegate for the next day. These are tasks that when am finished with, would make me a little bit happier.

I try to stick to three Most Important Thing for the day.

  1. Freewrite
  2. Meditate or Briskwalk
  3. Correspond on work and tackle reports

Some things like doing the errands or tackling the laundry, I do on specific day of the week. Since my place is a little bit far from the downtown area, I have to cluster all of my errands, that includes paying bills, attend to short work-related meetings, go to bank, do some groceries or market. Most times however, I delegate these things to my kids after their own work hours.


I find it important to declutter regularly. I found out that whenever I allocate 10 minutes of my day to put things in order, I save a lot of time in cleaning it later. Except when am running for a full day meeting or going out of town for a field work, then there is no reason not to be able to clean up. Each to its own place. Clean as we go.

The thing about doing less is prioritizing what we commit ourselves into. Gone are the days of accommodating each project or person who needs our attention. It is saying NO even to wonderful opportunities if only we can say YES to the thing that hankers for our time and attention.

Personal goals and timelines are on top of priority because we owe it to ourselves to deliberately allocate time for activities that could help us grow better as a person.

In many instances when I was too caught up with work demands before, I would stop and ask myself, if I have to pay myself to do the thing that I really am wanting to do, would I prioritize it over the many things that scream for my attention? Asking that question help me refine my priorities and way of thinking. Work related stuff will always clamor for undivided attention but the most important thing should never be compromised.

Work will always take priority in the sense that not only does it challenge us to become the best that we can, it also pay the bills and bring home the bacon. However, the one thing that we identify as the most important thing which involves creating and doing anything that could feed and nourish our soul should be done.

These are all about personal choices. The clarity of our mind would help us sift through what is most important for us while we do our regular work. Do less and watch how the quality of your life improves.