Some Things Untitled (Freelancing through Life)

These days, I have the privilege of learning and unlearning from different work engagement and on field rather than finding myself stuck on the deluge of anything trivial online.I get to choose the energy that I surround myself with, including whether to laugh the night away in deep conversation with people who matter to me or crawl under the sheet as early as 8PM.

I have the best ME time when listening to the chirping birds or in watching the early morning sun kiss its way to the ground or when getting the hands dirty with the compost for mulching and gardening around. Anything (and everything) on the home front.

Most days, it is about downshifting and doing the work where it matters most. It is also about learning how to be still when the easiest way to do and respond is to be agitated.

Some nights, I get to burn the midnight oil to catch up on writing and reading, and with few tweaks — navigating online courses. (For anyone raring to try out something to while away their time productively online, there’s edX and Creative Live with its exciting array of free courses and my newest find/discovery for myself, the HubSpot Academy, a marketing resource hub.)

Each day, a balancing act of learning and unlearning, a challenge to be able to not only create and do something but also to take a pause.

Each moment pleads for us to distinguish the most important based on what we value the most; teaches us on the need to focus on what we really need to do and be able to let go of all the distraction and noise, including getting off online to have a regular downtime (yay and yey for endorphins!!).

Originally published at on September 21, 2016.

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