Having too much mobile data? Sell it.

Data is abundant in the mobile era. Gigabytes of mobile data are wasted every single day. The recent gimmicks by mobile carriers to giveaway free quota upgrade, introducing family data sharing plans and allowing subscribers to carry forward their unused data (T-mobile’s Data Stash Plan) are in fact the greatest ever news for Internet-sharing app like Simplify.

Conditions, Confusions and Restrictions

Carriers’ data-sharing plans are complex, with plenty of conditions. A typical family data-sharing package allows only the principal to share with a limited number of subsidiary lines. In addition, they impose a data sharing limit of 5GB, 10GB, 15GB or 20GB, not to mention the negligible amount of data that you can carry forward. Remember, after going through all of the above, the plan only works between family members. How about friends, classmates, colleagues or even customers?

Like food and water, Internet is an expensive resource. We have paid every single cent for it and if we left it under-utilized every month, it’s a great waste. Hence, a better mechanism is needed.

Sharing a ride? Now, you can also sell your excess mobile data with other passengers in the car.

Simplify works Cross-operator, Cross-country for Anyone

We love data, especially unused data and if you have accumulated too much mobile data, sell it on Simplify. Now, everyone can sell to anyone in need. Imagine if you’re traveling abroad, riding an Uber, you could literally connect to someone who is a local having abundant mobile data, and you pay for only what you’ve used.

Data Pool, Data Backpack, Data More or Data Rollover? It all does not matter if unlimited cross-country data sharing is not enabled. Simplify enables data-sharing for everyone independently irregardless of data plans, telcos and countries. All you need is to key in your credit card number, connect to the provider and enjoy the Internet ride. Most importantly, you only need One Internet Plan for all your devices.

Simplify enables you to sell in 5 different currencies. Now, you can sell anywhere and collect your payment on PayPal.

Thus, why would we want to buy a foreign SIM card or paying hefty roaming charges, where you could connect to the locals, paying only for what you’ve used, in local currency.

Let’s Simplify to build a more open networked society.