Simplify: A new sharing economy in the mobile broadband space

The World’s First Internet-Sharing Platform, creating a sharing economy in the mobile broadband space.

Simplify, a peer-to-peer Internet-sharing platform that enables mobile subscribers to buy and sell mobile data, has created a sharing economy in the mobile broadband space.

Too often we hear subscribers having too much unused mobile data which they can do nothing about but to trash it at the end of each month, are now able to sell their excess bandwidth at a price they set on Simplify.

On the other hand, how does Simplify benefit mobile consumers from the user end? Imagine if you are traveling abroad, riding on an Uber and the driver shares his Simplify hotspot with you on a pay-per-use basis, this opens up new possibilities of instant “on-the-spot” connection that has not been seen before. And, what if you could piggy-back on someone’s mobile data while hunting for Pokémon together, conserving battery on the run while sharing on the same Simplify hotspot (Fact: mobile data drains battery faster).

With Simplify, the questions for us all now are: Why buy a foreign SIM card when you travel abroad, while you can ride on someone’s Simplify? Why stick to a single wireless carrier when you have a choice of accessing the best network at different time and location, paying only for what you need? This makes mobile broadband truly open and affordable for everyone.

How does Simplify work?

Simplify is a multi-sided platform connecting providers (selling mobile data) and users (connecting Internet service on pay-per-use). Selling with Simplify is easy, all a provider needs to do is to turn on his mobile hotspot, set a price and start selling like Vodafone. User can then connect by discovering Simplify hotspot on their mobiles.

Integrated with PayPal, Simplify adopts cashless payment where users can pay using their debit or credit cards and providers collect weekly payout on their PayPal wallet. Simplify draws commission from the total revenue collected by the providers.

Turn on your mobile hotspot, set a price and collect payment securely on PayPal.

Simplify is a secured Wi-Fi hotspot

What makes Simplify so different from other secured Wi-Fi? Firstly, both of its Wi-Fi SSID and password are encrypted. This added another layer of security to prevent hacking and unauthorized access by decoding the Wi-Fi credentials stored on users’ phones. Moreover, Simplify does not store or forward the hotspot password outside the smartphone, for privacy and security reasons. In fact, it auto-create a new set of SSID and password on the fly, every time Simplify hotspot is turned on.

On the connecting end, Simplify is powered with seamless authentication mechanism, allowing users to connect to Simplify secured hotspot without having to key-in any password. Wi-Fi authentication is seamlessly performed in the background. Amazingly it just connects!

Network quality monitoring

More than just providing Internet availability, Simplify has network quality monitor built-in to ensure good user experience with decent connection speed using industry standard Mean Opinion Score (MOS). Network latency, jitter and packet loss are measured throughout the service duration to provide rating for each Simplify provider.

In any case if a provider’s network is performing at a lightning speed, it shows a “Rocket Fast” indicator. Otherwise, it gives either a “Cruising Car” or “Turtle Slow” icons.

Reducing carbon footprint

Simplify provides an extra mile of connectivity for good cause. Instead of establishing separate data connections, Simplify users may co-ride on a single network connection to the mobile broadband. Much like ride-sharing service, Simplify’s net-sharing strategy not only conserve device battery by connecting to Wi-Fi (instead of mobile data which drains battery faster) but help in relieving network congestion. This ultimately reduce our carbon footprints, saving network resources in the long run.

Everyone’s an Internet Service Provider

Never before in our Internet history, consumers are able to buy and sell Internet bandwidth as they wish, at a price they set, anytime and anywhere without tying to a fixed data plan. Now, Simplify enables every mobile consumers to sell their excess bandwidth at the price they set with one touch setting on the app.

Carriers’ data-sharing plans are complex, with plenty of conditions. A typical family data-sharing package allows the principal to share with a limited number of subsidiary lines.

Simplify wrestles the consumer power back to us, to provide data-reselling capability, suppressing the hefty mobile data charges, especially while we are roaming. It is in fact a game changer, in the mobile broadband space.

Let’s Simplify, to minimize waste, for a good cause, for everyone!

About Simplify

Simplify is founded with the mission to “Redefine Mobile Internet”. The startup was previously backed by Cradle Investment Fund, an agency chartered under Ministry of Finance, Malaysia. In August 2015, the founder brought Simplify to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Entrepreneurship Bootcamp to strengthen its business model and commercialize it into a multi-sided platform. The technology behind Simplify has since granted a US Patent in early 2016. Simplify is officially launched on August 16, 2016.