Why I Joined Augmented Reality Start-up?

(Alpha Glass)

Back in 2013 I recall our first meeting at the university library.

Jun Hee was high school friend of mine, but we have not seen each other for ages.

I told him about my interest in Software Engineering and Augmented Reality, since back then I was developing software for one of AR projects.

Jun Hee also had a story to share. It was his idea of Augmented Reality Glasses.

Days later I met him again to learn more about his plan.

He believed in bringing other reality to people’s everyday life through transparent display.

Eventually he asked if I would be interested in joining him.

Did I have second thoughts, you’ll ask?
Yes, I did. Millions of them.

As a college senior, I was not sure if this path was the right one.

But eventually we teamed up and got our first grant from university program.

Back then, Jun Hee bought transparent display to make his first smartglasses, while I started to develop.

In Spring 2014 The Alpha Labs was created.

The journey started with 2 people in the office. We managed to partner up with other other optical companies and make one big investment. Investment in Google Glasses. Even though we could not afford to buy full price Google Glasses, we ended up getting 2 pairs… at auction.

(Google Glass)

In 2015 Naver, the biggest internet company in South Korea, invested in our vision. Now the work was tossed back and forth from software engineer to hardware one, since the most challenging part was to connect display to circuit.

Next year in 2016 we presented our idea at MWC in Barcelona.

Needless to say, this journey abroad was worth taking, since our luggage with product prototype was lost and one of exhibitors dropped the glasses during the demo. I recall how we were fixing what has been left from glasses the whole night.

That year we also joined HAX, the biggest hardware accelerator in China.

(The Alpha Labs CEO, Jun Hee Lee’s pitch at HAX 8 Demo Day. See full video here)

From then our company story goes on and on.

I believe AR smartglasses will become a big part of our everyday life and my wish for The Alpha Glass is to bring comfort and confidence in seeing digital world on top of the real one.

The Alpha Glass will be available at Kickstarter soon!

You can support us on Facebook and see more information on our website: www.thealphalabs.com.