#Module8 #EID100 Creating a study tool

For this module, an online study tool called Quizlet was used to create a set of five questions relevant to the course. The procedure is simple — the user signs up for an account, creates questions and their answers, and the question set is produced. The quiz can be attempted in various formats (flashcards are most commonly used). Below is a screenshot of the question-making process on Quizlet:

A screenshot of the quiz-making page on Quizlet

As can be seen in the picture above, the question is typed on the left and its answer is typed in the box to its right. When the user is done making the questions and answers, the green box at the bottom labelled “create” can be clicked to finalize the question set.

After creating the question set, the user can edit the question or their answers by clicking on the pen icon beside each question on the quiz’s home page, as shown below:

A screenshot taken from the Module 8 quiz homepage on Quizlet.

There are many quiz formats that can be used to study: flashcards, learn, spell, test, match, and gravity. However, if quizzes are made to include long answers for some questions, not all of these formats would be viable because they require the student to type in the exact same words. Flashcards are therefore the most often used because it simply involves the student to answer in his/her head and check the answer by clicking the screen.

A flashcard quiz of some questions relevant to the EID100 course can be accessed by clicking here.

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