I’ve always had a complicated emotion about coming home.

I do love my homeland. However, due to conflicts in many aspect between me and my family, sometimes I find it hard for me to go home — which happened since I was really little. Close friends around me know it well.

That’s why in the beginning of pandemic, I never thought of the option of coming back at all — even it is a way safer place.

But anyway I’m finally back here — for work, for a rest from exhaustion and depression, for a break.

Same as usual, I’m…

Long time.

It’s been a while for the update, since I decided to take a pause last month. The whole stay-at-home is for sure introverts’ thing but, the confusion and, and anxiety of uncertainty make do, suffocate people and me.

I had one moment thought that I won’t be able to create again. As a planner, a pandemic situation like this seems like a dark road ahead without ends. I question the meaning of walking ahead, I also question the meaning of living life.

On and off, struggling, feeling anxiety and depress, between working table and the bed, becomes my…

How much do you miss people around?

When I checked out these videos I took, I can’t believe that it was just less than 2 months ago — while everything looked so normal.

As we say it’s the “Calm before the storm”.

Many people’s life has been turned upside down. What’s still good is, more of them around are trying to work and survive in their own way, regardless of how bad the current situation is. For example, some of my artist friends are doing live stream classes daily, in their profession, for friends or clients, for free. …

Time goes really fast. Yes, really really fast, and it seems even faster since there’re so many things just came out of nowhere.

The next day I came back from Asia, in the beginning of Feb this year, I was informed that I lost my the other job due to slow season of business. And then suddenly, I got another job that was gonna happen in three weeks after then. Besides, at the same time, the virus situation also drastically got worse in Asia right after my coming back…Everything just happened in the blink of an eye.

Between all the…

These days, I’ve been (and I believe everyone of you too) bombarded with numerous news and victims numbers of COVID-19. Especially for people in Asia — Japan has also been in the spotlight again.

I can’t denied that this time, people and the government in Taiwan is super cautious, and yes, super, and kind of too anxious. so in comparison with the situation in Japan, it’s like another extreme example. Anyway, I don’t wanna talk about which one is better or worse here, since everyone is trying to figure out a better way to get through this together, aren’t we…

I’ve been working on music and sound design for visual productions for years; however, I’m still addicted to what is original, the non-artifical, un-touched, organic sound. Thus, for months I’ve been recording sounds here and there — subway, buses, sidewalk, cafes, markets, etc. And then one day, one thing that came to my mind is that, what if I can bring the sounds, which can tell their own stories to more people, in a different way? What if I can try another to make them bring more values to more people?

What if, I can bring these to people, who…


comes from Taiwan, currently New York based. A Composer and Sound designer who believes that sounds can tell their own stories. Home: yeozmusic.art

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