a_bIueberry for LVCC

My fellow Americans,


I am a_bIueberry, and I’m running for LVCC. You might know me as a former White House Senior Advisor and a CNN/WH Correspondent. Right now I’m moving on to focus on issues that can improve this city. Such as passing good laws for our city to be govern correctly. We may have some difficult times in the past, but I’ll be sure enough that we’ll stick together whatever happens in this great city of ours. If am so fortunate enough to earn this opportunity, I’ll be welcome enough to work all night for the American people. Because it is time for us to get someone who is in the council who can govern this city correctly.

Why I should be elected for LVCC

I should be elected because I want our working class Americans thrive in this great city of ours. I want our national security to not put in risk! And that starts by proposing laws. If I were elected in this job, we’ll be sure enough to make our city first for the American people. We will protect and defend the American people. This campaign isn’t about me nor the other candidates, it is about the American people who show their promise to us. We need to end our typical ways towards the American people, because it is time for us to Make Las Vegas greater than before.


✔️Growing more businesses so it’ll be easier for working class Americans to get jobs. We need jobs so Las Vegas can thrive!

✔️We need to make guns more expensive with great background checks so we could be more protective.

✔️Gain activity by building new well made buildings in Las Vegas so Las Vegas can be developed in a better way.

These plans will be sure enough to make Las Vegas better for the working class Americans!


In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed this speech and I hope I earn your support in this LVCC election. I hope we can make Las Vegas stronger. Thank you, and God Bless America.