Should You Implement it in Your Strategy?

Amazon continues to grow as customers turn to online retail for convenience and better prices. The COVID-19 quarantine has made online shopping even more popular as many retail stores had to close. The growth of online commerce provides sellers with a great opportunity to build their businesses. At the same time, e-commerce is now fiercely competitive. One way you can stand apart is by integrating your Amazon selling with SMS marketing. Connecting online retail to text messaging is an innovative way to engage better with customers and offer more personalized service.

Amazon Sellers Integration with SMS Marketing
Amazon Sellers Integration with SMS Marketing

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Text-in contests — Your consumers can text-in their number to enter contests and drawings

Text alerts for subscribers — Keep your consumers abreast of news, updates, and notifications with easy-to-use bulk text messages

Text surveys and polls — Interact with consumers and get instant feedback via text messaging

Corporate text message marketing campaigns — Fast and efficient. Quite possibly the most effective marketing campaign that you have ever tried

Notification systems — Alert clients of urgent news and updates regardless of their location or access to the Internet. Nowadays, your clients likely carry their cell phones everywhere they go


Many businesses already use YepText to communicate with their customers and obtain new leads. This service, which has been around for several years, was designed to simplify text message marketing and give businesses a way to send and receive messages with leads and customers. Now YepText has released a new version with MMS features, making it possible for clients to exchange visual content with customers.

Why Small Businesses Use YepText

For businesses to grow, they need reliable ways to stay in touch with leads and existing customers. Until recently, the best way to do this was email marketing. As email…

SMS Messaging

YepText is a simple SMS & MMS messaging platform, for personal or business communication.

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