Let the Public Participate in Civil Research

What? — the story for this week

we are designing the software that could helps public upload data for civil research.
put our stick notes on the white board and discuss then.
my group is working hard to come up with ideas for the app.
drawing the interaction flow for the app.
my teammates is trying the POP, the software recommended by instructor: pretty interesting and I never used it before.
this is the data uploading screen in my design.
in my point of view, a gift shop/incentive could inspire the users to upload more data.

So What?
When reflecting the designing process, it’s not that easy. The first problem I encounter is that how to motivate people to use this — of course not everyone would like to go to the lakeside, get the sample, and collect & upload the data. So they need motivation. It’s a big problem because the app and the science researching doesn’t fulfill any of their interest. Then I came up with and idea that I can set a gift shop in the app, once they upload enough data they could get some small gifts, though it’s not really fascinating it could attract a few people to continue doing this; also the sharing system can also attract some new user to contribute to this.

Now What?
For the project, I think it’s really good because it let more people participate in the civil research and increase their awareness of the environmental protection; on the other hand, the app can also be a path that improve the public’s scientific recognition by adding more functions to it, such as some news, or the video of the environmental experiments.
For the designing process, I think it’s a challenging experience: it’s not that hard, but the interaction flow, prototyping and the logic in the designing really need us to be careful and thoughtful, to solve those problem, and once we go over that, the experience will help us in the following sprints and charrettes, especially for me, if I apply the HCDE major in winter quarter successfully, that will help me in the whole career.

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