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Many years ago, kinda like once upon a time, I was stationed in Frankfurt Germany at 5th Corps HQ when a bomb exploded outside the IG Farbin building we were guarding. 1 month and 1 day another bomb was detonated on a fence line surrounding the building, destroying computer vans that handled our pay, that really pissed us off. I called home after the first explosion wanting to assure my Mom I was fine, that I was in the building but the explosion did minor damage to the Building itself. She wanted to know what I was talking about. I realized then and there that terrorism is cause for effect. If it isn’t reported is it really terrorism? If the media isn’t putting events as the flavor of the month, will they go away or do the acts get bigger like 9/11. Were my terrorist a different breed, or have they evolved. I understand that Religious and Political driven terror is different to an extent, but is today’s terrorist tomorrows revolutionary, pending on the victor?

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